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Certified Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set Includes Yoni Steam, Instructional E-Guide, Smudge, Wood Stand and Fabric Bags

Certified Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set Includes Yoni Steam, Instructional E-Guide, Smudge, Wood Stand and Fabric Bags Certified Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set Includes Yoni Steam, Instructional E-Guide, Smudge, Wood Stand and Fabric Bags
Certified Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set Includes Yoni Steam, Instructional E-Guide, Smudge, Wood Stand and Fabric Bags
Certified Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set Includes Yoni Steam, Instructional E-Guide, Smudge, Wood Stand and Fabric Bags
Certified Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set Includes Yoni Steam, Instructional E-Guide, Smudge, Wood Stand and Fabric Bags

Certified Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set Includes Yoni Steam, Instructional E-Guide, Smudge, Wood Stand and Fabric Bags
Set of three yoni eggs (45x30mm, 40x25mm, 30x20mm). She radiates love this beloved crystal nurtures the inner child, activates the heart chakra, and awakens the energy of unconditional love. You will also receive a set of three yoni eggs which have been intuitively selected, specially prepared, cleansed, and energetically infused with healing vibrations, sacred teachings, and love. Cosmic yoni eggs for transformation and healing. The word yoni is a sanskrit term that refers to a woman’s womb center as a sacred space or temple. The cosmic yoni egg is a tool that women have been using for thousands of years to heal, awaken, and activate their wombs. This process of womb healing is essential, not only for our own personal growth as sacred women but for the growth and healing of the entire planet as we are shifting into this new age of balance between the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Yoni eggs are made out of various gemstones and crystals and are hand carved into the shape of an egg which symbolizes transformation, rebirth, purity, creation, and fertility. The great cosmic egg also exists in creation stories worldwide and has been prophesied to be the vehicle in which the goddess would return to earth in order to restore balance. These eggs are used vaginally to bring the properties of the crystal into your womb center, promoting both physical health and spiritual healing. They can also be held during meditation or kept under your pillow during dream work. The yoni egg journey. Women all over the world are becoming keepers of the cosmic yoni egg and are sharing experiences such as. A deeper connection with the divine feminine. Womb activation as a source of manifestation. Personal growth and spiritual revelations. Release of emotional trauma. An increased awareness of the mind, body, soul connection. Shorter, lighter, less painful, more sacred moon times. Heightened sensation and pleasure. Greater control of vaginal muscles. Oh so much more. The journey to you. The yoni eggs i provide are carved with the intention of this sacred work they are meant for. Each of these beautiful eggs is physically and spiritually cleansed before you receive it. I first use an organic castile soap diluted with water to physically cleanse the eggs. I then prepare a bath with boiling water, lavender, chamomile, sage, oregano, and rosemary. After the water cools for a few minutes, i then carefully place each egg in this purifying bath. After the eggs have been bathed for about 15 minutes, i take them out of the water and allow them to dry in the sun, soaking up all that wonderful energy. The eggs are then smudged with sage, photographed, and tucked away until they are called to work with you. As a keeper of the cosmic yoni egg, i hold space for every single one of these crystal spirits. I cleanse and activate each one with the elements of the earth and loving intention. Within each yoni egg is a reflection of the goddess who is here to communicate through the great teachings of mother earth. I listen to each one of these beings and pray that the way is made open for them to find their way home. I recommend performing your own cleansing ritual upon receiving your egg. Each order comes with instructions on how to cleanse and use your yoni egg, as well as an herbal mixture that you can prepare as a purifying bath. You will then want to connect with your yoni egg, forming a special bond and clearly setting your intention before you begin working with it internally. How do i select a yoni egg. Yoni eggs come in a spectrum of sizes, and it is important to choose one that you feel most called to work with. Typically, large eggs run in the range of about 50mmx40mm, medium yoni eggs measure around 40mmx30mm, and smalls are about 30mmx20mm. All of my yoni eggs are individually photographed and the exact dimensions are provided for each listing. I recommend looking at several yoni eggs to see which one speaks to you the most. When choosing your first yoni egg you want to start with a large or medium size. This will help you to be able to feel the egg and learn how to work with your different muscle groups. Larger sizes are also easier to retain until you have had more practice. As you advance in your practice, you may want to move down in size. However, it is good to continue to work with various sizes and weights as they are each beneficial. Larger sizes are good for building muscle strength, and smaller sizes are good for gaining dexterity. If you are new to strengthening your yoni muscles i would recommend starting with a large size, however, if you regularly practice vaginal exercises you may be comfortable starting with a medium. Yoni eggs can be drilled or undrilled, and this is really a personal preference. Some women are more comfortable knowing that there is a string attached to the egg so that they can easily retrieve it. However, it is best not to use a string for removal. Rather, you want to learn to trust your body and use your own muscles to move the egg up and down and to remove it. Another common fear is that your yoni egg will get stuck, and this can also be a reason why women choose a drilled egg. However, your yoni egg cannot get stuck. It may take a while for you to remove it on your own, this is absolutely normal. Just relax your body and trust in your process, it will come out an easy way to remove the egg is to squat and push your muscles downward; you can also use your finger to help guide it out. When you are first starting out, also keep in mind that a good sneeze can push it right on out as well. Remember, the yoni egg is much more than a tool, it is a sacred instrument that you learn to work with over time in order to create your very own masterpiece. Eventually, you will become more and more comfortable in this relationship and start to develop and deepen your art. If used properly, drilled eggs can add more dimension to your practice. You can use the string to add resistance by tugging on it slightly while engaging your vaginal muscles or by tying on a small weight. Some women like to practice the art of vaginal weightlifting, however, i do not recommend this practice for beginners. This is a more advanced practice that is focused primarily on physical benefits and can be too extreme. When you are first starting out, your primary focus should be on developing a deep relationship with your yoni, and awakening the goddess within. One of the most important things to remember when practicing yoni egg exercises is to relax your muscles for an equal amount of time as you spend contracting them. You do not want to focus on being super tight, this is a common misconception. A really good practice for beginners is to inhale deeply and contract your muscles, hold for a few seconds, then exhale and relax your muscles. Try to focus on the subtle energy changes within your yoni when you do this. Notice how your muscles feel when you relax them. With this practice you are bringing oxygen and blood flow to your yoni, developing nerve connections, and creating muscle memory that will cultivate a more orgasmic you. As far as which crystal to choose it is also important to select one that you feel most called to work with. Often it is the crystal that will choose the person all of the listings that i feature provide a brief description of some of the properties associated with each crystal. It is also important to keep track of how each crystal works with you in particular. Keeping a yoni egg journal is especially helpful in building your own crystal reference guide. Not all people believe in the metaphysical properties of crystals, and that’s fine, everybody has their own process. The crystal itself is not going to be what brings you healing; what you gain from this experience will be a result of the work you put into your practice. However, i was taught that every rock, every plant, every drop of water has a spirit, and i truly believe that. These spirits are our teachers, they are not here to fix our problems for us but to empower us with the great wisdom of mother earth. You can also find me at yoniegg. Life & thewomanwhole. Com. Thank you and many blessings, . This item is made of set of three rose quartz yoni eggs and large 45mmx30mm, medium 40mmx25mm, small 30mmx20mm, information and instruction e guide, personalized support and care via email, yoni egg pouch and stand, pocket crystal, smudge collection, one yoni steam.
Certified Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set Includes Yoni Steam, Instructional E-Guide, Smudge, Wood Stand and Fabric Bags

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