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Online Breathwork Healing Meditation

Online Breathwork Healing Meditation Online Breathwork Healing Meditation

Online Breathwork Healing Meditation
I offer online breathwork healing meditation sessions. Breathwork is a powerful shortcut for clearing mental and emotional blockages from your life. It is quite literally a life-changing practice; transforming old beliefs, clearing negative behavior patterns, and opening you up to new possibilities by moving stagnant energy from your body. With the help of this technique, you can learn how to raise your vibration, reduce anxiety and stress, and quiet your mind in your everyday life. The breathwork journey meditation is a 75 minutes long online session. You will need to set aside time where you can be alone, undisturbed, and in a space comfortably laying down. You will need an eye cover, a blanket and two cystals for the meditation. The session starts with a short introduction to the 3 part pranayama breathing technique. After presenting the technique there is a 35-minute long guided breathwork meditation. I use shamanic and transcendental music intuitively selected for your journey. I also do shamnic drumming and i use rettles. During the meditation, i will guide you with affirmations, and i will lead you to a deep inner journey where you can heal past wounds related to your ancestral wounds, wounds from your childhood, or traumatic life experiences. By re-living the wounds of the soul we are able to heal them. During the meditation, you will experience great connection to your higher self and to higher dimensions. Throughout the session, i hold space and make sure that you are safe and protected. All sessions are distant and take place online via zoom. This healing does not substitute for the consultation of medical professionals. Eleonora is a certified breathwork practitioner, a reiki master and a shamanic energy healer. Her intention is to awaken people’s authentic power within, so that they realize their fullest potential on earth. She is a communicative healer, channelling the divine as an intuitive, assisting those who are ready to effect deep, lasting change in their lives. I want to say thank you again for this very powerful experience. I’ve been to many other healing sessions, and your breathwork is one of the best ones i have experienced. Thank you isabel, la. My experience with eleonora was life changing. I never practiced breathwork before and she made me feel comfortable and safe. She guided me through the process the entire time with affirmations and prayer. She took the time to answer any concerns or questions i had about the practice, and i felt comfortable expressing any fears and blocks i was experiencing. After the session i felt an entire new world has opened up for me. I had a huge release and insights that continue to carry me along on my day to day. Thank you eleonora melicia, los angeles.
Online Breathwork Healing Meditation

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