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Brown Buddhist Meditation Zafu Regular Size

Brown Buddhist Meditation Zafu Regular Size Brown Buddhist Meditation Zafu Regular Size
Brown Buddhist Meditation Zafu Regular Size
Brown Buddhist Meditation Zafu Regular Size
Brown Buddhist Meditation Zafu Regular Size
Brown Buddhist Meditation Zafu Regular Size

Brown Buddhist Meditation Zafu Regular Size
Brown buddhist meditation zafu – regular size. Please note : moonleap cushions come in 2 sizes – regular and large. Please check below for the correct sized cushion for your body. High quality ergonomic design – meditate with a better posture, in greater comfort without getting numb legs. Our primary wish is to support the practice of sitting meditation. Our moonleap cushion is one step towards finding more intelligently designed, ergonomic solutions to supporting our bodies in this practice. Harvey rayner, designer of the mooleap cushion, has estimated to have spent more than 20,000 hours sitting on 100s of different supports over 2 decades. We might say the design for this cushion has been born out of the wisdom of his very well qualified buttocks. Join us in exploring new ways of offering energy and support to all those engaged in the direct and peaceful practice of sitting meditation. Innovative three-piece crescent cushion designed to give optimal support to burmese and quarter, half and full lotus meditation postures. Prevents numb legs caused by sciatic compression. Pressure where the leg meets the buttocks can cause compression of the sciatic nerve which often results in numb legs during or after sitting. The soft foam central cushion combined with the contoured sciatic conduit eliminate this problem to a significant extent. Distributes weight ergonomically for greater comfort. Displaces meditators weight evenly to peripheral areas of the buttocks and upper legs and away from the tender muscles that lay directly under the pelvic ischial bones (sit bones). Supports correct pelvic alignment to aid upright posture. Unique 3 part design firmly sets the pelvis at the correct pitch for upright sitting without tension in the legs, back and abdomen. Please note for those who are exploring the benefits of crossed legged meditation postures but who’s knees will not come all the way down to the ground, we are currently designing another innovative solution just for you. Organic spelt husk filling for comfort, breathability and reduced weight. Moonleap cushions are stuffed firmly with organic spelt husk. Like buckwheat husk, spelt husk conforms naturally under pressure, but is lighter and more breathable than buckwheat. The spelt husk we use has a faint pleasant sweet grassy smell. Made for long life. All moonleap cushions are made from heavy weight, non-slip fabrics sewn together with super strong upholstery grade thread. Cushions are made in the usa to the highest quality of finish. Much attention went into the design process to ensure that the cushions not only look beautiful, but will become a faithful support for your practice for many years to come. My own experience using the cushion. By harvey rayner designer of the moonleap cushion. During the last 2 decades i have probably sat on over 100 different meditation cushions. My wife kindly helped me make the first prototypes of a zafu that i’d been designing in my imagination for many years. It hadn’t occurred to us at first that this design could become a product that we could sell to others. The creation was originally for my bum and my bum only, but the more i used the cushion the more i felt that this was something we could share with others. I use my moonleap cushion for two or three hours every day. On retreats it gets a real test when we sit all day and sometimes half the night. I’m no longer troubled by legs that fall asleep when trying to stand up to join walking meditation after periods of sitting. Before using the moonleap cushion on retreat it always felt like i’d been kicked in the ischial tuberosities’ (sit bones) by someone wearing steel toe-capped boots. Now, my bum is very happy to be pain free throughout every retreat. I’m also finding that the support the cushion provides in setting my pelvis at the right angle, means the muscles in the fronts of my thighs no longer engage to tilt my pelvis and create an upright posture. Much of the pain we experience whilst sitting for long periods in lotus postures is the result of muscular tension. Even when the source of the pain is deep stretching in tendons and pressure in the joints, this discomfort can be greatly diminished if the surrounding muscles are allowed to fully relax. The bodies conditioned tendency is to contract muscles surrounding a painful joint as a means of isolating and immobilising a perceived injury. If the surrounding muscles are also having to work in order to hold a posture, this will intensify the pain and tension in that area. Providing optimal support with an ergonomically designed cushion will minimise work done by the legs and reduce pressure points that can pinch nerves and inhibit circulation. Like this we are giving ourselves the best chance of let go of our habitual bodymind tension that arises when discomfort comes. Regular cushion : 17″ x 25″ x 7 – 7lbs (44cm x 64cm x 18cm – 3.2kg). Large cushion: 20″ x 29″ x 8.3 – 10lbs (51cm x 74cm x 21cm – 4.5kg) +$20.00. If the widest point around your hips and buttocks is more than 41″ or you are more than 6’2″ height we suggest selecting a large cushion. Please visit our etsy shop for a selection of large cushions. Read what others have said about the moonleap cushion. Thank so much for the cushion. It’s revolutionised my sitting posture. I now sit in a much more rooted and balanced way, and the spine is effortlessly positioned for comfort and clarity. This takes meditation way from practicing equanimity to physical discomfort and frees me to focus on other things. I’ve very very impressed and also grateful. I’ve really enjoyed the meditation cushion i ordered from you. Since receiving it i’ve been able to sit for twice as long as usual without pain, which is an amazing difference. Thanks for the product. I was worried i wouldn’t be able to do my next meditation retreat because of issues with sitting for long periods, but this cushion has relieved me of all worry. This item is made of cotton and spelt husk, spelt hulls, organic spelt, upholstery fabric, cotton thread, buckle, buttons, spelt, twill, heavy weight twill, heavy weight drill, kapok. The style is zen and modern.
Brown Buddhist Meditation Zafu Regular Size

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